• Children and Bed wetting

    14th Sep 2021

    Children and Bed wetting

    Having been a bed wetter until the age of 15, I know only too well the impact this has on the phycological wellbeing of a child.I grew up in a era of shame and discipline when I wet the bed. My nose w…

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  • Men and Incontinence

    15th Jul 2021

    Men and Incontinence

    Men and IncontinenceIncontinence has historically been such a taboo subject and even though in 2021 we are much better at discussing this health concern, men are still lagging behind the girls in open…

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  • Did I Just wee?

    18th Jun 2021

    Did I Just wee?

    Incontinence is still a taboo topic, even in 2021.When we talk incontinence, we often think about the elderly or disabled dealing with the indignant issues of wetting oneself.We also discuss leakage a…

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  • Women’s Health week

    4th Jun 2021

    Women’s Health week

    Woman are known for putting themselves last after their families and often, friend’s needs.Its as if there is guilt, perhaps driven historically, from the view that woman nurtured and cared for family…

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