Women’s Health week

Women’s Health week

4th Jun 2021

Woman are known for putting themselves last after their families and often, friend’s needs.

Its as if there is guilt, perhaps driven historically, from the view that woman nurtured and cared for family, whilst the men worked out of the home making the income. Times have changed, and we now see a large percentage of two income families to help support the high cost of living. However, this doesn’t assist in time required for everything else. Stuff just doesn’t go away. Things like sports, practices and Games, homework, walking and feeding pets, general household chores, food planning and prep, garden maintenance etc. Parents often say they are collapsing into bed at midnight and getting up at 6AM, just to get done what needs to get done.

Barr,S. 2019 stated “woman did approximately 16hrs of house hold chores a week.

The daily Mail 2021 stated that “the average woman spent an additional 17 hours a week whist some report 21 hrs a week on domestic duties.”

Woman often take charge in ensuring all runs as smoothly as possible in their domestic lives, and if that means sewing buttons on at 11 PM, because that is the first chance you have had… well that is what you do. This is not sexist in any way and I certainly acknowledge Men who also fit this description. On saying that, this blog is to encourage you to investigate women’s health week and indulge in some self-care.

In 2021 Women’s Health week is from 6th September until the 10th of September. I encourage you to look it up and either Host or Join an event.

A wise woman once told me, “you need to look after yourself, so you can look after your significant others.”

Be the best version of you!